Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart.

Writing Excuses 7.20: Cathartic Horror

Michael R. Collings and his son Michaelbrent Collings join us live at UVU to talk with us about cathartic horror. In particular, we talk about how the catharsis is part of what makes horror such a delightful genre. Michael leads with an example from his own writing, a novel called The Slab. Brandon talks about the physiological response, and Mary compares the cautionary aspects of horror to the early (read: pre-Disney) fairy tales. Dan cautions us against didacticism, and explains about how the underlying story is usually quite different from what’s on the page. Michaelbrent further explains how our personal catharses empower us to write good stories and invoke similar responses from our readers.

Free Shot: No, Howard wasn’t even in the room for this episode.

Homework: Adapt the unadaptable fairy tale Mary introduced us to (the one about the little old lady who catches on fire and dies).

Thing of the week: The Slab, by Michael R. Collings, narrated by Andy Bowyer.

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