Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart.

Writing Excuses is a podcast for writers, by writers. But who are those writers?

Your Season 13 hosts

You’ll hear from these hosts in groups:

The Core Crew: Brandon, Dan, Mary, and Howard
The Chicago Crew: Brandon, Amal, Mary, and Maurice
The Utah Crew: Brandon, Valynne, Dan, and Howard
The Baltic Sea Crew: Mary, Dan, Aliette, and Howard

Season 12 Hosts

Wes, Piper, and Mary Anne joined Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard for 2017. They’re not in our 2018 episodes, but we’ll certainly hear from them again in the future.

Writing Excuses On The Road

We often record at conventions, provided at least two of us are in attendance, and we can wrangle an engineer. The Road Crew varies a lot, but it always includes special guests drawn from the professionals in attendance. There have been quite a few of those…

Writing Excuses was created by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells in 2008. Mary Robinette Kowal joined the cast in 2010. Wesley Chu, Piper J. Drake, and Mary Ann Mohanraj joined for the 2017 Season. Maurice Broaddus, Amal El-Mohtar, and Valynne E. Maitani joined for 2018. Numerous other guests have appeared on the show as well.