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18.07: Deep Dive into THE SPARE MAN

Spoiler Alert! This week is our deep dive into Mary Robinette Kowal’s The Spare ManIt’s a sci-fi mystery novel often described as “The Thin Man in space.”

Deep dive episodes are necessarily full of spoilers because we ask all kinds of how and why questions specific to the writing of the work in question. If you haven’t yet read The Spare Man, you might consider doing that before listening to this episode. We’re not the boss of you, but we believe you’ll get more out of this episode and the novel if you read the novel first.

Credits: Your hosts for this episode were Mary Robinette Kowal, DongWon Song, Erin Roberts, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler. It was recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson.

Homework: Do you like murder mysteries? Write down the elements that must be present for a murder mystery to be satisfying for you.

Thing of the week: The Thin Man (1934).

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