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Announcing the 2018 Writing Excuses Scholarship Recipients!

I tell you, this job gets harder every year. 2018 had more applicants than 2017, which had more applicants than 2016, and so on–and the quality goes up every year as well. Making these final decisions was incredibly difficult, and it broke our hearts to have to whittle the list down to five. But we managed to do it, and we are delighted to announce our 2018 Writing Excuses Scholarship Recipients (I don’t want to call them winners, because they earned this):

The Carl Brandon Scholarship:
Erin Roberts
Lindsay Wong

The Out of Excuses Scholarship:
Paige Vest
Billy Alan Palmer
Barbara Lund

A hearty round of applause for them, and for all of our applicants. You were all great, and if we could have brought you all to the retreat we would have. Keep writing! And if you see us at a con or an event somewhere, please say hi so we can shake your hand. It would be an honor to meet you.