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19.27: A Close Reading on Character: An Overview and Why We Chose C.L. Clark’s Stories

Today we introduce our next close reading series—we’re focusing on character through the lens of three of C.L. Clark’s short stories:  “You Perfect, Broken Thing,” “The Cook,” and “Your Eyes, My Beacon: Being an Account of Several Misadventures and How I Found My Way Home”. They are all hyperlinked above and available online for free through Uncanny Magazine

We are so excited to shift our focus to short stories! We love the compressed form, and C.L. Clark’s stories exemplify the freedom that exists within the genre itself. They masterfully combine light world-building with deep character development. We’re excited to dive into each story over the next five episodes, ending with an interview with C.L. Clark! 

We recommend reading these short stories ahead of time, but this episode is fine to listen to as a primer for why you should read them!  

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Homework: Write the sentence “[Character] is someone who….” with different endings for an entire page. Read them over and pick one that surprises or intrigues you, then write a short scene showcasing that trait.

Credits: Your hosts for this episode were DongWon Song and Erin Roberts. Our guest was Arkady Martine. It was produced by Emma Reynolds, recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson.

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