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You can find some of your Writing Excuses hosts in the same place and at the same time! It doesn’t happen often, and it’s even less frequently something open to the public, but here’s our schedule:


  • February 15-17: LTUE in Provo, Utah
  • May 4-6: Pengicon in Southfield, Michigan
  • August 2-5: GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • August 18-20: Worldcon 76 in San Jose, California
  • September 6-8: Salt Lake Comic Con in SLC, Utah
  • September 22-29: 2018 Writing Excuses Retreat on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Individual Appearances

Here are links for the most up-to-date schedules of our individual appearances:

For The Record

Here’s what previous years have looked like…


  • February 16-18: LTUE, Provo, Utah
  • July 28th-August 5th: WXR17, the 2017 Writing Excuses Retreat, in the Baltic Sea on a cruise ship TBD. This event will be scheduled to end in time for attendees to debark, rest for a couple of days, and then attend WorldCon in Helsinki.
  • August 9-13: Worldcon 75, Helsinki, Finland


  • February 18-20: LTUE, Provo, Utah
  • June 2-5: Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix, Arizona
  • September 20-27: WXR16: the 2016 Writing Excuses Retreat, Oasis of the Seas, departing Ft. Lauderdale for the eastern Caribbean