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Transcript for Episode 2015 Hugo Award Eligibility

2015 Hugo Award Eligibility – SHADOWS BENEATH




[Brandon] This has been Writing Excuses. You’re out of excuses. Now go write.

[Mary] Or… Before you go off and write. Can we talk to you about the fact that the Hugo nomination period has just opened? Now, we won a Best Related Work for our podcast two years ago, which we are really, really proud of. But we’re writers and we have this book called Shadows Beneath, which is a combination of anthology and also, more specifically, a writing textbook.

[Dan] It’s really great. One of the things we love about this is that it’s such an innovative thing, none of us has ever really seen this before. It takes four short stories or novellas that we have written, one each, and then delves into the background of them. You get to hear our brainstorming sessions in transcript, you get to see early drafts, you get to see our notes on what we changed and why. It’s just a phenomenal resource. So what we’re saying is if you like Writing Excuses and if you would like to nominate us for a Hugo, maybe consider nominating this book rather than the podcast itself this year.

[Brandon] In fact, we would love to send you a review copy. If you are eligible to nominate for the Hugo awards, drop us an email and we will respond with a complementary review copy of Shadows Beneath.

[Howard] You know what, whether or not you think Writing Excuses is something you’d like to go nominate, you’re out of excuses, now go nominate things!

[Mary] That’s right. There’s lots of other wonderful things. You should be nominating for the Hugos.

[Howard] Please participate.

[Mary] Thank you for your consideration.