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Transcript for Episode 1.11

There will be several podcasts about the business of writing, this one is an introduction to being a business person as a writer.

What changes when you become a professional?

  1. have to rethink your schedule. The first thought is that now you can do the work anytime. No. You have to set yourself a schedule.
  2.  you need to be motivated — self-motivated.
  3. I like games, but I had to cut way back on them. You’re the employer and the employee — boss yourself.
  4. When I started, I wrote for fun. Then I realized that I had to think that this is a job.
  5. Pro is as Pro does. Examples posting a web comic every day, writing a book every year.
  6. Have to teach the family your rules. I may be in my office, but the door is closed so I am not there.

You have to be some percentage of business and some percentage artist. How you handle that balance?

  1. I break down my work. Some takes Smart Howard, like scripting and penciling. Other is for Dumb Howard, who can chop wood or carry water.
  2. I think you have to add as much business as you can without losing any artist.
  3. COW: that’s what we call a 10 year overnight success.

How do you make yourself work when you don’t want to?

  1. I queue up tasks.
  2. I have lots of different tasks, other things to do. There’s lots on the burner.
  3. I force myself to write, but then throw it away.
  4. BICHOK: Butt in chair, hands on keyboard

[skip lightly past merchandise discussion]
COW: write what’s in your heart? When does the artist override the business.

Business person needs to focus on and be aware of business. Competition, editors, etc.

Final Words: What advice do you have for someone going from artist to pro?

  1. Talk it over with your spouse or significant other.
  2. Chase your passion.
  3. Learn the business. It is not just an art.

And that’s #11. Next up, a real live editor joins the panel!

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