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Writing Prompt

Audiobook Pick-of-the-Week

Take whatever you’re working on right now, look at the ending you have planned, come up with two other endings and write all three.

Death by Cliché, a podcast audiobook by Robert J. Defendi

Plot out a three act structure for a current project or a new one.

Your character walks into a room and sees three people whom he or she could end up with. You don’t know which one it will be. Keep the reader guessing (and interested)!

Kill the main bad guy in every chapter.

Juan and Gregorio Watanabe are in medieval England—and they belong there. Explain why.

Write a short story that has no theme. No deeper meaning. Nothin’.

Have some fun in the worst possible way. Write a scene that has an extremely violent sequence that glorifies the violence and then write a scene dealing with the consequences.

Write an ending, and start your book with it.

Create a believable alien and write something from his/her perspective.

Write a story about the worst website ever.

Create a government by starting with “Colon Cleansers,” and then taking two steps back to create something unique.

Fore! In this case, a golf metaphor. But not a pun. Please.

Come up with 25 words that distill everything you want to say about your next work.

Write a fight between two people who have never been in a fight before (are untrained fighters).

Pick your favorite author and in 50 words or less write down what you think their brand is, then compare it on the forums with what others write.

Howard gets attacked by monkeys.

Give us Winnie the Pooh’s big death scene … on a destroyer in the South Pacific.

Write about a passionate egg.

Write a story that convincingly describes the death of the traditional publishing industry 25 years from now.

Write a story about a critic, but a critic who criticizes something abnormal like cement mixers.

Write an alternate history for 2009 taking stylistic cues from Watchmen.

Start your book with an ending where everyone dies.

An artist finds a way to improve or perfect the form he or she is working within, and by so doing unlocks magic.

An author comes up with a wacky, crazy gimmick for a book … and then it happens to the author in real life.

Write the first page of a story, stop, write a first page of a different story and then go back and finish the first story.

Wings, by Aprilynne Pike

Write a story about Brandon’s friend Nameless.

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