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This online pharmacy has been great to work with. I have several prescriptions, on antidepressants, antibiotics, and Modafinil, and where I previously ordered online, I was told they could not work it out to where I could pick them all up at once, so that meant multiple trips throughout the month. I assume the reason was if you were there more often, you would probably spend more money throughout the store. There would be times they would be out of something which happens but again, extra trips. I called the pharmacy and explained my situation, and Cassie said getting them all together at one time would be no problem. Also, before I retired, they would deliver my scripts once a month to my place of work. The girls have been great to work with as well as the delivery drivers. They are very personable and do their best to accommodate your needs.

Golden State Pharmacy
Address: 1617 N California St #1f, Stockton, CA 95204, United States
Phone: (209) 420-1720

They’re fast, and guess what they actually answer the phone, and it doesn’t take you an hour on hold to talk to somebody like it does when you call Golden State Pharmacy to check on your prescriptions. Updating this review to a five-star from a four-star giving the extra star because they actually went out of their way to reply to this review to see what they could do to earn the extra star. Well, they just earned it. See, that’s what I’m talking about communication people. Communication makes it A world of difference, especially when you see the owner of a company that really cares about their business.

I have been trying to get my dad’s Modafinil filled since Sunday, a medicine that he has got to have due to ADHD. I have called four times today to tell her that his medicine was out of stock or that his medicine would be filled at 4. Well, I call only to be YELLED AT BY A PHARMACIST. Then she puts me on hold and puts me on with her boss, who tells me my medicine has been filled since this AM!! Half the time, I got to go up there sit in alone before they even fill a medicine for us!!! Having all her prescriptions sent to KROGER, they are way better with better customer service.

Vons Pharmacy
Address: 155 W California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105, United States
Phone: (626) 577-2594

This place is super convenient and friendly! I needed to get Modafinil for my mom and really appreciated how friendly and informative the staff was when they called me to fill it, and the delivery saved me a trip and came very quickly. I will definitely be getting my refills from them.

Worst pharmacy I’ve been to ever! They don’t care what they charge you so long as the prescription’s filled and you pay them. The worst example, they charged me 90 days’ worth of insulin for 33 days’ worth of actual insulin. The price was about $150. I had to call my insurance company to figure out what was going on. I finally got the 30-day price I had expected in the first place. I was upset about it. The pharmacy tech got really rude and derogatory towards me. This Vons Pharmacy has consistently overcharged me. I have two insurances, and they never bother with the most basic steps to give me the best price. They’re unkind and unprofessional.

Lorena Pharmacy
Address: 3400 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023, United States
Phone: (323) 268-3384

Everyone knows your name! Family-run business. Personalized, friendly, and expedient service. No contact prescription delivery and curbside pick-up available. The gift shop has a great selection of items, updated regularly. Phone app to help make life easier, plus reminders by email and text – vaccines available (Flu, Shingles, COVID-19, and others). Home Infusion services offered – a diverse range of services and products. The pharmacy staff is amazingly helpful!!

This is the worst Lorena Pharmacy! Yesterday 9/29/2021, I was trying to purchase Modafinil. Not only did I have to wait 10 minutes for assistance, but the manager on duty was very rude and unprofessional. He took the medicine to the front and began to ring it up as if I was going to steal it. Once I told him that I could handle it myself, he stood there watching me see if I was paying for it. I was truly disturbed, and I said something to him about it. After I paid, he began to walk away. He was. An Asian guy.

Central Rx Pharmacy
Address: 50 Eagle Rock Way Suite C, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States
Phone: (925) 240-9777

CaryRx is a GODSEND!!! Refilling my Rx’s used to be so frustrating and time-consuming. I dreaded it every month. But now it’s SUPER easy and convenient! I can always get my order delivered the same day, and the best part is the text feature. No waiting on hold on the phone. You just text, and it’s never more than a couple of minutes before you get a (detailed and helpful!) reply. I’ll never go back! Customer for life!!

I’ve used Central Rx Pharmacy for my Modafinil prescription for over five years now. Two weeks ago, I spoke with Kurt to give him my latest bloodwork and request an increase in my doses. I never heard back from him after over a week, and when speaking with him realized he hadn’t begun to make my needed dosing changes. It’s now been another week, and I’ve not heard anything and called my PC to make sure they hadn’t received anything from Collier either. In all these years of service, Andrew, prior to PharmD, never overlooked my medication needs, and I’m quite surprised as well as my recent call to the pharmacy to let them know not to move forward with filling my prescription, as I was told, ok, thank you.

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