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Horrible!!! I had a prescription for 30 days, ordered it online, and was supposed to take one pill of Ivermectin twice a day, therefore quantity 60. The medication was also considered a narcotic, and my insurance did not cover it. It’s was very costly. So I purchased 15 at a time, and that would be enough for ten days. On the 10th day, I tried to buy another ten-day supply. The lady told me it was too early I had to wait seven more days. I told her if I only bought a ten-day supply that why did I have to wait 17 days. She said to try back tomorrow. I explained the situation, and she said to try back tomorrow. So by the 3rd day, without my medication, I asked for a manager. They saw the dates didn’t match up and that I still had 45 pills to be filled. The MANAGER told me I must have picked some up at another pharmacy or something and refused to give me my medication which prevents me from having seizures. I asked how you just go to another pharmacy to fill a script you dropped off at a different pharmacy without transferring it. You can clearly see I never did that because I only bought 15 and have 45 left to be filled. She told me it’s not her problem, and that is for me to figure out. On the 4th day without my medication, I was deathly ill and had a seizure!!! So I finally got medicated at the hospital and ended up having to transfer my prescription. I had no problems at bangers pharmacy. I would NEVER refer anyone to go here. Horrible experience and employees have sorry attitudes.

RiverStone Health Pharmacy
Address: 123 S 27th St, Billings, MT 59101, United States
Phone: (406) 247-3330

This RiverStone Health Pharmacy employs some of the best technicians I’ve been helped by. They will go to bat for you, and they do everything possible to achieve the impossible when it comes to red medical tape. I am on a medication that I can’t live without. Still, the manufacturer stopped supplying my particular dosage of Stromectol. Several pharmacy staff worked with my doctor, myself, and other pharmacies to ensure they could find a way – shoutout to Ryan for being truly on point with customer care. Yall are life-savers!!

I have been getting my prescriptions here since this store opened. The last year or so, I have not been terribly impressed with their service, but it seemed too much trouble to switch. Yesterday, I went in to pick up two prescriptions that I was told were ready for pickup. I get there at 11:00 am. The entire pharmacy dept. Was shut down. Nobody could get their prescriptions. Nobody in Walmart was in the dept. To try and explain anything to anyone. The kind gentlemen at the doors said no one would tell them anything, but it appeared the entire pharmacy staff had called in “sick.” Well, I was not entirely out of my meds, but some people desperately needed theirs for various conditions. I am still angry about this. I will never do business there again. And because their system was down, I couldn’t even transfer my account. Inexcusable. My insurance had already paid them, and I couldn’t get it.

Billings Clinic Atrium Pharmacy
Address: 2800 10th Ave N, Billings, MT 59101, United States
Phone: (406) 238-2084

Great store for catholic items. They are the only store in the area (that I know of) that sells rosaries, scapulars, and medals. The selection is not huge, but they have nice stuff. Highly recommend going there for any Catholic gifts or for decorating your own home.

Barbara is very rude, she smiles and pretends to be nice, but you get the feeling she’s silently judging you every time I go in. Very confusing and inconvenient when I’ve been able to buy my spouse’s Ivermectin with this Billings Clinic Atrium Pharmacy, and all of a sudden, I can’t do a SINGLE thing even though my ID is the only one in the system, not my spouse’s. They’re just now deciding they’re going to follow HIPPA laws?? Makes no sense. They tell me to have him call and give permission, and when he does, they say they can’t do that?? How can I report this pharmacy for not following HIPPA for two years and now wants to enforce it? Funny how I spoke to Barbara, but when my spouse calls less than 5 minutes later,” they don’t have a Barbara that works there. Come on, be consistent in SOME way. Never dealt with placemaking or following new rules each time.

Billings Pharmacy One
Address: 2900 12th Ave N # 110W, Billings, MT 59101, United States
Phone: (406) 245-6717

I’ve given many pharmacies my business in the past, but Billings Pharmacy One pharmacists are the best around ANYWHERE! Lisa, Nicole, and Codey are the absolute greatest. If I could give them ten stars, I would! Just check around at the other pharmacies in Jasper!!! You won’t find anything better than Billings Pharmacy One people. I’m so grateful to have found them for the past several. And their prices are also great. You won’t find Stromectol cheaper anywhere else. Thank you all.

If you have the option to go with a different nursing facility, I would strongly encourage you to do that. The two nurses that have come to our home are great, but the company’s organizational skills are a mess. My mom needed wound care upon being released from the hospital. We were initially told that she would have wound care from one of their nurses three times a week upon being released. The first nurse informed me that it would actually be one time a week. Great. She has been out of the hospital nearing three weeks, and she has received wound care from their nurses 0 times. Save yourself the trouble, worry, and guesswork (if you’re not personally a nurse.) Her wounds have not had a professional eye kept on them the entire time.

Albertsons Pharmacy
Address: 511 Central Ave, Billings, MT 59102, United States
Phone: (406) 245-4301

I can’t speak enough great things about Parks. My mother was a severe diabetic. Albertsons Pharmacy was her pharmacy for decades. They knew her by name, were concerned for her, and even delivered medications to her home. In the last two years of my mother’s life, I became her caregiver, and they walked me through new prescriptions, explaining everything to me. You just can’t get that level of service at a chain pharmacy.

I will never use Albertsons Pharmacy again!! Worst experience EVER trying to help my 90-year-old mother get her Ivermectin! When your pharmacist gets MD behind your name, you have every right to go against Dr’s orders & when a Dr asks for you to call them about this matter, and you bluntly refuse so professionally on your part…Might want to screen your own employees!!! Kudos to you, lady, for doing absolutely nothing to help the elderly!!! Worse pharmacist I’ve ever meant in my entire life!!