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There are many pharmacies today, and their prices are different. You should not buy the entire list of prescribed drugs in the nearest one. If you search through some local drugstores, at least in your neighborhood, most likely, you can find it cheaper. It is more convenient, of course, to analyze the market using the Internet. Here you can not only compare the price of generic Viagra in different pharmacies but also select analogs by much cheaper price.

The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.9) 494 Springhill St, Jasper, TX 75951, United States (409) 384-3432

This is by far The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy is the worst pharmacy I have ever been to. First, the staff is rude and probably underpaid. The pharmacists think that they are doctors (or maybe they are, and they killed so many patients that they ended up here, I do not know). They will hang up on you on the phone. They will act busy when you walk to the window. They will close five-ten mins before closing time. The second MAJOR issue I had with this pharmacy is that it is open only for bank hours (give or take a couple of hours), i.e., 9 -7 on weekdays and 9 – 2 on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays. So if you plan to fall sick at other hours, please choose a different pharmacy. With so many better options available, such as Walgreens, CVS, etc., WHY in the world would anyone want to choose this pharmacy? Absolute worst service will NOT recommend.

In and out with a prescription in hand in 5 minutes! It also called all over the Chatt metro area to find a compounding pharmacy, and this was the closest one to home. Thank you!!

Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.7) 1125 S Wheeler St, Jasper, TX 75951, United States (409) 384-7330

Very friendly service provided and in a timely manner. Flu shots are provided with a $10 gift card for shopping. Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy has very knowledgeable staff and very helpful as well.

I spoke to the rudest, incompetent pharmacy alleged manager. Her name is Alicia. She tried to convince me that I picked up a medication that I had not. When explained how that wasn’t possible several times, she reviewed the information to confirm I was right. This was after she interrogated me about pill colors, dates, etc. Her only response was it would be ready tomorrow. No acknowledgment of her errors or apology. She is indeed the worst example of customer service.

ViaQX online pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.6) 802 W Gibson St, Jasper, TX 75951, United States (409) 384-5192

ViaQX online pharmacy is what I consider AVERAGE in terms of size and overall functionality of any ED drug & medical supply establishment.  Locally owned and operated and presently the oldest continuously operative pharmacy in this town, I am delighted to approve a 6th Star rating for this business.  My dad (deceased since 2013) loved the owners and always said positive and loving things about the owners

Walgreens (Google Rating: 2.0) 1250 S Wheeler St, Jasper, TX 75951, United States (409) 381-8396

Bailey and Mitch are awesome and have been there for a few years. These days it is rare to see the same people when you do business anywhere. Bailey and Mitch have both gone way out of their way to make sure I am getting the best price on my medications. So nice to have someone who greets you by your name when they see you.

The store manager talked me into a trial to save me some money on a single transaction. I’ve tried to cancel the $5 recurring charge in person and was given a phone number. The store manager has always been friendly and professional, and he probably had a goal to hit (which I understand). I call the Walgreens number and sit on hold after the automated system. I finally got to a person and was told since the account is in my wife’s name, I can’t cancel the charge. Why was I allowed to sign up if it’s in her name? I’ll have my bank handle the charges and drive the extra mile to go to Walgreens from now on.