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Margaret Dunlap’s writing credits include television (Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, The Middleman, Eureka), video games (State of Decay 2), and animation (Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron, Black Panther’s Quest, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures).

However, she is probably best known as a writer, director, and co-executive producer of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an Emmy-winning transmedia adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, named “the best Austen adaptation around” by the UK’s The Guardian newspaper.

When she isn’t doing any of that, Margaret works out her fiction muscles as part of the writing team behind the Locus-nominated paranormal adventure serial, Bookburners, about the adventures of a diverse group of operatives working for a black-budget arm of the Vatican to keep magic out of the real world. (A plan that works about as well as you’d expect.)

Margaret lives in Los Angeles where she awaits the earthquake that will finally turn her apartment into oceanfront property. In the meantime, find her on the web at or on Twitter as @spyscribe.