17.52: The WXR 2022 Q&A

Your Hosts: Brandon, Dan, Mary Robinette, and Howard

This Q&A session was recorded before a live audience aboard ship at WXR 2022,

Here are some paraphrasings of the questions our attendees asked:

  • How do you make your world feel big without infodumping?
  • How do you balance a sense of progress with an unreliable narrator?
  • How can I make two magic systems work in the same setting when one is underpowered, and the protagonist uses the weaker one?
  • Have you ever based characters on yourself, or on people you know?
  • What does the process of book adaptation look like
  • Do you have any good convention recommendations?
  • What are some methods for determining how much scientific detail you go into?
  • How do you interact with an audience in order to grow it?

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson.


Write out a few questions. What are the things you need the most help on?

Bastille vs. the Evil Librarians, by Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson

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  1. This week, Brandon, Dan, Mary Robinette, and Howard answered questions from the Writing Excuses Cruise! Strategies for telling the reader about your world without infodumping. Balancing progress and an unreliable narrator. Mixing two magic systems with different power levels when the protagonist uses the weaker one. Basing characters on yourself or people you know. Living with book adaptations. Networking cons or writing events? Calibrating jargon like a cheese sandwich. Cultivating an audience. Whew, lots of great discussion that you can read about now in the transcript available in the archives.

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