17.48: Bodies, Why? (Part III)

Your Hosts: Mary Robinette, C.L. Polk, Fran Wilde, and Howard Tayler 

Let’s talk about pain. It hurts, yes, but we all experience it, so writing about it can be a great point of connection between the writer and the reader.

Also, writing about it can hurt.

Liner Notes: We referenced  “No, I’m Fine,” by Howard Tayler, and “The Visions Take Their Toll: Disability and the Cost of Magic,” by Dominic Parisien

Credits: This episode was recorded by Daniel Thompson, and mastered by Alex Jackson.


This is a creative non-fiction assignment: write about the worst physical pain you’ve experienced. Use all your best prose tools, and explore as many senses as you can.

D.I.Y, by John Wiswell

4 thoughts on “17.48: Bodies, Why? (Part III)”

  1. Sometimes, just laying out the facts is far more impactful than trying to describe it.

    I have no one to talk to about this.

    I don’t feel safl safe in this situation.

    Just something else I have to deal with.

  2. This week, Mary Robinette, Chelsea, Fran, and Howard tackled pain! How do you write about it? Ow! What do fantasy, dragons, robots, spaceships provide as metaphors for pain? Watch out for the pain scale! Plenty of useful discussion and tools that you can read about now in the transcript in the archives!

  3. I wonder if Howard noticed that he cut off the discussion of discrimination within the medical community in pain management for women, people of color, and other marginalized groups. Not providing equitable services/empathy is real and would have been a good discussion on this topic.

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