17.46: Monstrous Awakening

Your Hosts: Mary Robinette, C.L. Polk, Fran Wilde, and Howard Tayler 

Okay, before we start, you have homework: Please take a few minutes to read this essay by Fran Wilde entitled “You Wake Up Monstrous.

That will give you context for our discussion, which is about how body horror and other monstrous-ness is a tool we should be employing with great care.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Daniel Thompson, and mastered by Alex Jackson.


Rewrite a scene containing body horror or body humor so that the character with the  disability/deformity is neither the source of the horror nor the butt of the joke.

2 thoughts on “17.46: Monstrous Awakening”

  1. This week, Mary Robinette, Fran, Chelsea, and Howard took a look at the staple of body horror and body humor, waking up monstrous! The Fly or the Metamorphasis… waking up with no mouth, and you can’t even scream! Rope and duct tape can make people helpless. Losing the mortgage on your house and having to move into an apartment is not a disaster! Grabbing wheelchairs and other “help”? Plenty of interesting discussion that you can read about now in the transcript available in the archives.

  2. Just an idle wonder as I was doing the transcripts. One side of monstrous awakening concerns the loss of ability or agency. However, in some stories, e.g. Spiderman, we also have characters waking up with new abilities, often somewhat out of their control or expectations. That kind of “Oh, what am I doing jumping up to the ceiling, breaking the wall, scaring my dog” scene is not really horror, but it sure seems to be related?

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