17.40: Questions & Answers About Structure, with Special Guest Peng Shepherd

Your Hosts: Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, and Howard Tayler, with special guest Peng Shepherd

Peng Shepherd joined us aboard Liberty of the Seas for WXR 2022, and returned with us to the topic of story structures. In this episode we answer questions from our live audience. The questions include:

  1. How do you make sure you’ve got the right number of plot threads?
  2. How do you spread the structure of a given plot line across multiple books?
  3. How do you avoiding having subplots distract readers from the main plot?
  4. What are some strategies you can use to better align character goals with the overall problem of the story?
  5. Are there clear dos and don’ts with regard to story structure?
  6. How do you prepare or color-code bits for running a role-playing game? More broadly: what organizational tools do you use for story structure?

For the answers, you’ll have to give the episode a listen…

Credits: This episode was recorded live by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson


Write a piece of fiction (or an outline) outside your usual length. See how that changes your structural choices.

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2 thoughts on “17.40: Questions & Answers About Structure, with Special Guest Peng Shepherd”

  1. This week, the home team, Mary Robinette, Dan, Brandon, and Howard, had a special guest, Peng Shepherd, to answer questions about structure. Discovery writers, outliners, there’s structure everywhere. Plot thread count, splitting books, subplots, aligning goals, do’s and don’ts, tools for visualizing structure… there’s a lot you can read in the transcript now in the archives.

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