17.38: Oh No I Lost The Thread

Your Hosts: Howard Tayler, C.L. Polk, Marshall Carr, Jr., and Mary Robinette Kowal

Oh no! You’ve put the project down for long enough that you’ve lost your place in it! Whatever will you do?

For starters, you can listen to this episode. We’ve been there, and one of us is there right now. We talk about the different problems you’re likely facing, and how to overcome them in order to find the thread and get moving again.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson.


Write down what you think the current thread is, then re-read your work until the point at which you left off.  Write down what the current thread now seems to be, and then reconcile the difference.

The Liminal People, by Ayize Jama-Everett

4 thoughts on “17.38: Oh No I Lost The Thread”

  1. This week… what were we talking about? Oh. The forgetful foursome, Howard, Chelsea, Marshall, and Mary Robinette talked about trying to pick up the thread after a break. Conventions, vacations, another book, something made you set aside a tale, and then you pick it up again… Ouch! Reread and do minor edits? Free write to get to know the characters again? Alfred Hitchcock does the Dragonriders? Knitting the words? Read all the good words in the transcript available now in the archives.

  2. I had a SF MG book that I’d started months ago. I intended to work on it on the WXR cruise but I’d lost the thread. Then I spent a day writing up a magic system to change the story over to science fantasy and got excited about the story again.

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