17.37: Science and Fiction—It’s Not Just Science Fiction

Your Hosts: Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Cady Coleman

The fictional side of science and the scientific side of fiction are part of the discipline of science communication, often called SciComm. In this episode Cady Coleman joins us to talk about how science fiction fits into the field of SciComm, and how the stories we tell can affect the people who read them.

Credits: This episode was recorded before a live audience by Rob Kowal, and mastered by Alex Jackson.


Find something you wish were real. Write a story in which it is.

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4 thoughts on “17.37: Science and Fiction—It’s Not Just Science Fiction”

  1. This week, from the far corners of Capitol Reef National Park, Dan, Mary Robinette, and Cady Coleman bring you insights into the interplay between science and fiction. Astronauts and aerospace engineers geeking out over science fiction, or science fiction writers applauding engineers? Exploding bodies in space? Using CO2 cylinders to jet between space stations? The inspiration and aspiration of science and science fiction. Astronauts watching Battle Star Galactica in the gym preparing for launching to the space station. Marionettes in space! Take a pickax on your spacewalk to fix a solar panel? Remember, things change, and we get more change from more sharing. Read all about it in the transcript, now available in the archives.

  2. Cady, I’m a contemporary of yours, and I was also a girl who talked myself out of pursuing so many professions because I didn’t see a model for me. Girls just didn’t grow up to be women who did those jobs.

    Thank you for sharing the story at the end about your son. I haven’t cried that hard in a really long time, but it was a healing cry. Thank you for helping my daughter see herself in a profession that I couldn’t.

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