17.19: Working in a Collaborative Environment

Your Hosts: Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, and Megan Lloyd

Megan Lloyd returns to the podcast to talk us through the process of creating something in a collaborative environment, whether it’s a pair of authors working together, or a dozen people working to write, storyboard, and animate a television series.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson


Find a buddy. Pull up a story idea of yours, and talk it over with your buddy to find out where you should go next.

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3 thoughts on “17.19: Working in a Collaborative Environment”

  1. This week, from the middle of LTUE, Dan, Brandon, and Meg Lloyd talked about working in collaboration. Two authors working together or the magic of animation, there are advantages and pitfalls to doing it together. Great art does not come from argument. Go ahead, read the transcript available now in the archives, and enjoy the show!

  2. This was more entertaining and informative than expected. Such a pleasant surprise.

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