17.18: How to be Funny, with Jody Lynn Nye

Your Hosts: Dan Wells and Brandon Sanderson, with special guest Jody Lynn Nye

So, you’ve decided you want something to be funny. How do you go about making that happen? Jody Lynn Nye joined Dan and Brandon at LTUE, and pitched this topic to them. And yes, it’s much more than just “delivery, delivery, delivery.”

Liner Notes: “It’s always more funny when Howard’s not here.” —Brandon Sanderson at LTUE 2022 (posted here for posterity)

Credits: This episode was recorded by Dan Thompson, and mastered by Alex Jackson.



Take a scene that you’ve written, and re-write it to be funny.

View from the Imperium, by Jody Lynn Nye

4 thoughts on “17.18: How to be Funny, with Jody Lynn Nye”

  1. This week, without Howard, Dan, Brandon, and special guest Jody Lynn Nye talked about how to be funny, at least in writing. Dungeons & Dragons, DragonCon, “Nothing is more boring than talking about humor.” Telling jokes to sociopaths. Aunts who come in threes. And quite a bit more, that you can read in the transcript available now in the archives.

  2. I heard Jody at LTUE and picked up her View from the Imperium on Audible last month. Finished it a week ago and couldn’t wait for my next credit. So good!!

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