17.8: The Alchemy of Creativity

Your Hosts: Howard Tayler, Kaela RiveraSandra Tayler, and Megan Lloyd

How do you translate things from the spark of inspiration into a work that someone else can consume? Like, instead of turning a movie into a book, you’re trying to create a book out of the movie in your head. And what if your “spark” isn’t a movie in your head, but instead a suite of emotions?

In this episode we discuss how we do it. That might not answer the question for you, but hopefully it’s a good start. Alchemy is pretty magical, after all.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson


Choose a scene from a film and write up a “novelization”.

Every Frame a Painting (YouTube Channel)

3 thoughts on “17.8: The Alchemy of Creativity”

  1. Just FYI your newest episodes since January 9th are not showing up on podbean. I’ve been wondering what happened to the podcast and see episodes here not showing up on app. The latest I see is 17.2.

  2. This week, the alchemists of creativity, Howard, Kaela, Sandra, and Megan, talked about the processes that we use to go from ideas to thing. Movies in your head to compelling prose, script to storyboards, how do we capture the lightning in a bottle and make it shine? Consider outlining like a 10-year-old boy watching a movie? Or maybe you want to try dessert first writing? Remember, all we need is Robert De Niro as the pirate captain on an airship to go catch the lightning? Go ahead, read all about it in the transcript available now in the archives.

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