16.51: Promises are a Structure

Your Hosts: Howard Tayler, Kaela Rivera, Sandra Tayler, and Megan Lloyd

Our next 8-episode intensive is all about promises and expectations. Our guest hosts are Kaela Rivera, Sandra Tayler, and Megan Lloyd. They’re joining us to talk about how the promises we make to our audiences, and the expectations they bring with them, are a structural format. In this episode we introduce the topic, and talk about some apex examples of success and failure in this area.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson

Liner Notes: Here’s the story of The Tropicana Packaging Redesign Failure


Consider your newest “favorite thing,” whether it be a restaurant, a film, a TV series, a novel, a podcast, a webcomic, a computer game, or whatever. Ask yourself what promises were made to you by this thing, why you believed the promises would be kept, and how they were (or were not) kept. Write all this down.

The Monster at the End of This Book, by Jon Stone, and illustrated by Mike Smollin

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  1. This week, in a new eight-week intensive course on promises and expectations, the foursome were Howard, Kaela Rivera, Sandra Tayler, and Megan Lloyd. A bruja, wild horses, and storyboards from the Cretaceous to the Lower Decks? Fantasy in Mexico in the 1920s? Paranormal romance covers? Hawkeye? Arcane? Grover, the monster from Sesame Street? Cinderella the cyborg, and Rapunzel in a satellite? Read all about it, in the transcript now available in the archives.

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