16.47: Believable Worlds Part 1: The Illusion of Real

Your Hosts: Dan Wells, Fonda Lee, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler

Writers are illusionists, and worldbuilding requires no small mastery of that particular magic. In this episode we’ll explore the creation of believable illusions through the techniques of similarity, specificity, and selective depth.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson


Take your latest work-in-progress, and pick something you can describe in depth to enhance the illusion of your world’s reality.

Starshipwright One, by Jeff Zugale

2 thoughts on “16.47: Believable Worlds Part 1: The Illusion of Real”

  1. This week, the magical quartet, Dan, Fonda, Mary Robinette, and the illusionary Howard, discussed the tricks that they use to make fictional worlds feel real. Not a step labels, and Mr. Kruger’s old coat. A micro fission T 15 self copter. Taco Bufa! A butter knife unlocking a door? All the languages of Middle Earth, or maybe flipping an old coin? You can read all about it in the transcript available now in the archives.

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