16.44: World and Character Part 1: All Your Characters Are Biased

Your Hosts: Dan Wells, Fonda Lee, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler

The world of your book is most often shown to us through the eyes of the characters who live in that world. In this episode we discuss the fact that those characters have biases which will distort the reader’s perception of the world. Knowing this, we can use it to our advantage.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, Jr., and mastered by Alex Jackson


Take a favorite story and re-imagine it from a different POV (e.g. Harry Potter as told from the POV of the Minister of Magic.) What are the different worldbuilding needs?

2 thoughts on “16.44: World and Character Part 1: All Your Characters Are Biased”

  1. This week, Dan, Fonda, Mary Robinette, and Howard took a look at the role that characters and their biases play in your worldbuilding. When you’re groping the elephant in the middle of the room, you only notice the part you are touching, and your characters do that too! So you only need to build part of a world, not the whole thing. Plenty of examples and thoughts, available now for you to read in the transcript in the archives.

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