16.9: Crossing The Revenue Streams

Your Hosts: Dan, Erin, Brandon, and Howard

How many different ways can our writing earn money for us? What additional work, besides “just” writing, do we need to do in order to get that money? In this episode we discuss finding and managing multiple revenue streams, whether that means writing for new audiences, or monetizing existing writing in new ways.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, and mastered by Alex Jackson.


Identify your revenue streams, and the activities you perform to make money flow from them. Now look at other places, especially different merchandising or distribution mediums, where you might be making money from the things you’ve created.

10 thoughts on “16.9: Crossing The Revenue Streams”

  1. Excellent information. I write fiction and non fiction, and I’ve identified five possible income streams. This podcast added two more. Thank you.

  2. This week, the chattering quartet, Dan, Erin, Brandon, and Howard, crossed the revenue streams! How to make money besides just write a story and sell it? Sure, there are other ways to make money from your writing skills. And these four gave us quite a list! So, go read all about it in the transcript, available now in the archives. See what kind of fish are in those streams, and how to catch them!

  3. When does Mary Robinette come back, I need her opinion in all podcasts because she’s basically never said a boring or wrong thing in her life.

    Some people are always right, some people are always interesting. Only MRK is both.

  4. Will this whole year be about publishing or will there be episodes about actual writing? I’m a hobby writer and have no interest in publishing. So I miss the writing advice.

  5. Fun murder mystery plot: several authors of franchise tie in novels die in odd circumstances. Most shrug it off as coincidence, but some people have questions after Dan Wells is selected to replace each and every one of them. Is he a serial killer after all, or does he just have killer fans?

  6. I’m an unpublished author, and I’m having a hard time selling my first story. Is it too soon for me to worry about these things?

  7. I’m an unpublished author, and I’m having an awfully hard time selling my first story. Is it too early for me to worry about these things?

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