16.8: Smart Promotion

Your Hosts: Dan, Erin, Brandon, and Howard

Let’s talk about how promote yourself and your work, and how to do it well. The tools we use for this continue to evolve, and in this discussion we’ll cover things that have worked, things that have stopped working, things we use now, and strategies we apply to not sink beneath the churning disruptions endemic to promoting books (or, really, anything else.)

Credits: This episode was recorded by Marshall Carr, and mastered by Alex Jackson

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Look at authors who self-promote, and how they’re doing it.

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6 thoughts on “16.8: Smart Promotion”

  1. You have no idea how timely this episode is.
    Facebook has just put in a ban of Australian news sites on the platform, which ironically has impacted on writers, such as myself, now unable to share our links to our personal websites.
    It only goes to prove that social media can disappear from our toolset without warning.

  2. I’m writing my first book and I’m not sure wether to start making some promotion or wait until I have finished the first one.

    The point is, what kind of promotion could be done before finishing your first novel?

  3. This week, the business quartet of Dan, Erin, Brandon, and Howard talked about smart promotion, how to sell yourself in the market. Brandon raised three points, (1) Write your next work, (2) Have a solid website with a newsletter, (3) Look at social media platforms. Dan, Erin, and Howard chimed in with their own commentary. And you can read all about it in the transcript available now in the archives.

  4. This has been an absolutely fantastic start to the newest season–I thought I knew a fair deal about what to expect from the business side of writing, but these last few episodes have really opened my eyes to some areas where I wasn’t viewing my writing as a business. I feel like this shift in mindset helped me get the wheels turning on my fiction writing again (I have a promising complete fantasy manuscript that is currently in editing after being reviewed by beta readers, but it has been stalled since we moved and I started a new job a few years ago). It even helped me with my freelance travel writing, interestingly enough. I find myself caving less to people putting other demands on my time, and I found that conversing about my writing as a small business has made it alot easier to communicate to people what it is I do and to ward off insecurity that has kept me from putting adequate focus into my writing. Plus I’m inspired to update my website lol. Really, really great stuff. Thank you!

  5. Hey! Amazing podcast! I became a fan a couple months ago. Just fantastic.
    I find the business side of writing most interesting. Feeling its real and understanding how to proceed is very inspiring for me.

    I am in the revision process of my novel and I wonder if I can / should do some kind of marketing before finishing It. And if so, what do you recommend?
    I have my own website and I’m trying to talk about the novel on Instagram to gather interested people. But since it isn’t finished I am not sure of what to share and tell.
    Thank you for reading! I will apreciate any answer.

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