16.3: Publishing Pitfalls

Your Hosts: Dan, Erin, Howard, and Brandon

Erin Roberts joins us for our third installment in Brandon’s business-of-writing series. In this episode we’re covering pitfalls and common problems—including some predatory practices—for you to be on the lookout for while you develop your career as a writer.

Credits: This episode was recorded my Marshall Carr, and mastered by Alex Jackson

Liner Notes: “Accountabilibuddy,” which is written here so Howard can remember it.


Writer Beware, w/ Victoria Strauss and SFWA

4 thoughts on “16.3: Publishing Pitfalls”

  1. This week, the triangle of Dan, Brandon, and Howard, added Erin Roberts to the fold to talk about pitfalls, traps, and other problems that authors may face. Reading fees. Are you a mark? Which group works for you? Accountabilibuddies! Your roles as a writer and as a business person, especially in indie publishing. Read all about it in the transcript, available now in the archives.

  2. You gotta love Brandon’s positivity. I would have been certain it was a scam, but he came up with a story to explain why that “agent” possibly didn’t mean to con him out of $50. xD

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