15.46: Crafting Chinese-American Characters

Your Hosts: Dan, Piper, and Tempest, with special guest Yang Yang Wang

Yang Yang Wang, an author, actor, and director (among many other things) joins us for a discussion of language, food, and a whole raft of other cultural elements critical to crafting Chinese-American characters.

Credits: this episode was recorded by Ross Smith and mastered by Alex Jackson


Take a culture, and a character who is a descendent of immigrants from that culture, then write a scene where that character returns to the original culture

All Systems Red, by Martha Wells

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  1. This week, Piper, Dan, and Tempest welcomed Yang Yang Wang to talk about writing the Chinese-American other. What kind of representations do you find in media? How do good characters relate to stereotypes, language, and food? Lots of useful observations and discussion, available now in the transcript in the archives.

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