15.29: Barbie Pre-Writing, with Janci Patterson and Megan Walker

Your Hosts: Brandon, Dan, and Howard, with special guests Janci Patterson and Megan Walker

Janci Patterson and Megan Walker joined us to talk about their pre-writing process, which involves role-playing in a room full of dioramas with Barbie dolls.

As pre-writing processes go, this one was completely new to us, and we very quickly decided that we love it.

Credits: this episode was recorded live at NASFIC by Dan Thompson, and mastered by Alex Jackson



Role-play, with toys, a scene from something you’ve written.

The Extra, by Janci Patterson, and Megan Walker
Godfire, by Cara Witter

6 thoughts on “15.29: Barbie Pre-Writing, with Janci Patterson and Megan Walker”

  1. The tantalizing trio, Brandon, Dan, and Howard, met with Janci Patterson and Megan Walker at SpikeCon to talk about how role-playing with dolls before you start writing can make your writing, especially in collaborations, take off! Outline, play with dolls, take notes, and then write? You can read all about it in the transcript available now in the archives.

  2. Hi — recently had my first sale (Analog), and I’ve been shotgunning your great podcast. I see the archive podcasts go to S10; the general podcast only goes back to S14E24 (on Apple Podcasts). Was wondering if there’ll be an archive podcast for S11-15? Thanks again!

    1. I drive a LOT for work. I discovered Mr. Sanderson’s online lectures last year and listened whenever I was driving until I ran out of material. His having mentioned this podcast several times, I began with Season 1, Episode 1 back in March or April. Yesterday I listened to last week’s episode. I cannot begin to say how much I have learned throughout this process, and I am excited to finally be learning from all of you in real time … not time traveling. I just wanted to throw that in there, because you all time travel so much.

  3. Oh wow!! That was fun podcast. Will have to check out the books and the online Barbie images. Lots of memories of playing with them and my friends..

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