15.27: Alternate History, with Eric Flint

Your Hosts: Brandon, Dan, and Howard, with special guest Eric Flint

Eric Flint joined us at SpikeCon (host of the 2019 NASFIC) to talk about creating  alternate histories. His Ring of Fire book series is enormous in scope, and has many, many more people working on it than just Eric Flint. We get a bit of a peek behind the scenes, and a lot of great information about writing alternate histories of our own.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Dan Thompson, and mastered by Alex Jackson


Plan your day so you know which bit to write first. Sit down and write something first.

7 thoughts on “15.27: Alternate History, with Eric Flint”

  1. I have a character in my alternate history who is Winston Churchill – but female: Winifred Churchill.

    I dare anyone to complain that her character is different :-)

    Lots of historical changes.

  2. You should really put a trigger warning on this one for Black & Indigenous listeners. Not a great way to start the morning.

  3. At SpikeCon, Brandon, Howard, and Dan got together with Eric Flint to talk about alternate history, what happens when a writer makes a change in real history, and then writes stories about a history that never was. Whether to time travel or not, how to handle the research and avoid arguments. Modern thinking or old attitudes? And how to get started in the morning – plotting can help, but you still need to jump in and write. Lots of interesting discussion that you can read about now in the transcript available in the archives.

  4. Why arent you guys on spotify? It would make it way easier to listen to instead of going episode by episode on this website. If there’s supplemental material just mention this site’s address.

    1. You can listen on Google play music; you don’t have to listen from the website.

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