15.12: Writing the Other—Being an Ally

Your Hosts: Piper, Tempest, Dongwon, with special guest Erin Roberts

What can we do to be allies to members of marginalized groups? Many of us want to find ways to help others have safe, comfortable places within our communities, but worry about coming across the wrong way. In this episode, our hosts talk about how we can do this well as writers, as members of writing communities, and in society at large.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Bert Grimm, and mastered by Alex Jackson


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Steel Crow Saga, by Paul Krueger

7 thoughts on “15.12: Writing the Other—Being an Ally”

  1. “What can we do to further proliferate the bioleninist agenda of the current elite.” If you can only prop yourself up with a coalition of naturally low status people, to the extent that your lifestyle would make you literally die decades earlier than normal people without modern anti-viral drugs, why should we be an “ally.” How about we actually stand for virtue and kick marginalized revolutionary groups to the wayside. That’s not to say we completely shut out and hate people with inborn problems, there is a place for everyone, but glorifying aberration is no way to run a society.

  2. This week, Writing Excuses was taken over by Piper, Tempest, Dongwon, and special guest Erin Roberts, to talk about good allies in writing the other! What’s a good ally? (Watch out for Leeroy Jenkins!) When do allies miss the mark? Lots of examples and ideas to help you be a good ally. So go read the transcript, available now in the archives.

  3. Thank you for this episode! I’m always looking for new ways to be a good ally, especially within the writing community.

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