15.03: Self Publishing

Your Hosts: Howard, with special guests Victorine Lieske, Tamie Dearen, Bridget E. Baker, and Nandi Taylor

Howard leads this discussion with four guests who are doing well with self publishing. They share some numbers with us, and talk about their strategies for reaching their audience, and making the most of their market.

Liner Notes: Given, by Nandi Taylor, is available on January 21, (just two days from this episode’s air date)

Credits: This episode was recorded live at WXR by Bert Grimm, and was mastered by Alex Jackson


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4 thoughts on “15.03: Self Publishing”

  1. Howard navigated all that estrogen very well! ;) I would be super interested to hear the demographic that most of these authors are marketing toward. I’m assuming the audience is mainly female. Many of the authors’ websites state that they write “clean,” “sweet,” or “Christian” romances. Does religion play a role? How old are the readers? Retirees? Middle aged? Younger?

  2. I’ve been realizing lately that my reading experience has been heavily enclosed by the filter bubble of traditional publishing (or formerly traditionally-published authors who have gone indie), which gives me an incomplete picture of what’s out there and makes it hard to get past prejudices about it. However, I’ve got a tight budget (I get a lot from libraries), a large and still growing to-read pile and no idea what’s really out there. Where do I start? (I read and write sci-fi and fantasy.)

  3. This week, Howard sat down with four self publishing authors on the WXR19 cruise to talk about how to do it yourself, and why you might want to. Nandi Taylor, Victorine Lieske, Tamie Dearen, and Bridget E. Baker have a lot of info, and they share it! Kindle Unlimited, Wattpad, the Writing Gals… 89 plus 5 is 94? Reads vs. followers. Kindle Unlimited and page reads. Wide! Permafree! Sweet romance. Voracious readers. If it isn’t working, change it! Make your sample pages, your first two pages, so good that readers just keep reading. All this, and more, in the transcript, available now in the archives.

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