15.01: Evolution of a Career

Your Hosts: Dan, DongWon, Mary Robinette, and Howard

Season 15 is going to be a bit broader than the previous seasons have, at least in the abstract. We’re going to focus on your questions. In this episode we tackle the topic that dominates our collection of these questions: CAREER.

Liner Notes: It hasn’t actually been 15 years. It’s been 12. Writing Excuses launched in February of 2008, and the first five seasons were not full-year seasons. 

Credits: This episode was recorded by Bert Grimm, and mastered by Alex Jackson


Whose career do you wish you could have? Research them, examine how they’ve done it, and then ask if that’s still what you want.

Follies, by Stephen Sondheim

4 thoughts on “15.01: Evolution of a Career”

  1. Kicking off the new season, Dan, Mary Robinette, and Howard sat down with Dongwon to talk about careers, a topic of high interest among the listeners. Basically, this year is going to be based on topics drawn from questions from the audience. The first one out of the hat is careers. How do you grow a career, what are the goals, which books do you write early or late? What do you do when the path changes? How do you plan for the next stage? How do you keep an audience? Looking back, looking forwards, looking around… You may not find the 15 step program to being a winning writer, but you will find a lot of great discussion about careers in the transcript now available in the archives.

  2. I’ve been absolutely loving this podcast! It’s been a great resource over the past year and a beacon of hope. Although I recently published a series of four non-fiction middle grade books, I currently find myself between agents, adrift in uncertainty. In the meantime, I’ve been working on honing my skills and focusing on smaller projects (sci-fi short stories, comic book collabs, podcasts, etc) before I dive into another book, but I find myself struggling with which project to pursue next, based on marketability. This episode in particular really spoke to me and I’m really looking forward to this season. Thank you so much for keeping this show alive, it means a lot.

    1. It stays alive through Patreon donations, (nudge nudge wink wink). Hahaha. But yeah, this podcast changed my life. Really looking forward to this season : )

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