14.34: Author Branding

Your Hosts: Howard, Mary Robinette, Dan, and DongWon

Authors have brands whether they want to have them or not. It’s a simple principle of marketing, and the better we understand that principle, the better able we are to control how it affects our careers.

In this episode we talk marketing, and freely use terms like “relationship marketing,” “authentic experience,” and “brand loyalty,” despite the fact that sometimes these words make our inner artists cringe.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Bert Grimm, and mastered by Alex Jackson. 


Identify your brand. Think about the core aspects of your personality which you’re comfortable sharing publicly. Pick at least three things, and document them.

Be aware that “Murder Hat” is taken.

Empress of Forever, by Max Gladstone

4 thoughts on “14.34: Author Branding”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing a lot lately. I’m considering starting to write about my experiences with chronic illness and have worried about how to be authentic while still keeping parts of my life private. This post gave me a lot of food for thought. Thank you!

  2. The four marketeers, Howard, Mary Robinette, Dan, and Dongwon, talked about branding. Hamburger Helper, expectations, relationships, public and private persona, what happens if you become famous! Heat up the branding irons and lasso the calves, it’s time for branding! Read all about it in the transcript, available now in the archives.

  3. Trying to take this to heart.

    For me? Maybe . . .

    1. Not very author-like.
    2. Good with a crowd.

    3. Bizarre

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