13.52: Working Dad is a Spaceman

Your Hosts: Howard, Mary, and Dan, with NASA astronaut Thomas Marshburn.

Last week’s episode may have sounded like the last one for 2018, but that’s an artifact of December having five Sundays rather than four. Fifth Sundays are our “wildcards,” and something wild seems like a nice way to round out the year.

Tom Marshburn, who is both spaceman and parent, talks to us about what it’s like to be both.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Ben Hewett, and mastered by Alex Jackson


The 3D sense of space’s blackness meets Type I, Type II, and Type III fun

3 thoughts on “13.52: Working Dad is a Spaceman”

  1. Though a Trekkie, I’ve never considered myself big on the whole outer space thing. But I have to say, this interview was a whole lot of fun. Thank you!

  2. Just in the nick of 2018, we have the spacey trio — Howard, Mary, and Dan — talking with Tom Marshburn, a real space cade… er, astronaut, about how being a dad and an astronaut at the same time makes family life different. Tom reveals that even disembodied heads on a screen enjoy time with the family, and the blackness of space is… different! Plenty of other wonders are described in the transcript, available now in the archives and over here:


    And get ready to launch into… 2019! Happy New Year!

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