13.42: Writing Excuses Talks to an Astronaut, with Special Guest Kjell Lindgren

Your Hosts: Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard, with special space-guest Kjell Lindgren

Kjell Lindgren, flight surgeon, Expedition 44/45, joined us for an episode that perhaps should have been called “we ask the space-man all of the things.” We asked him stuff that we wanted to know more about, and came away richer for the experience.

If there’s just one technical term worth bringing home from this episode, it’s “expeditionary behavior.” It’s the sort of thing that can make us all richer for the experience.

Credits: This episode was recorded by Benjamin Hewett at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and mastered by Alex Jackson at Writing Excuses Mission Control in Chicago.

BONUS: NASA invited us back to be on THEIR show, Houston We Have a Podcast, and that episode went live about three days before this did. More Kjell Lindgren!


“I’m doing the Zero Gravity Giraffe” — Howard Tayler (Howard would like to point out that this is not the technical term you should bring home from this episode.)

R is for Rocket, by Ray Bradbury

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  1. Off we go, into the wild orbital space… The originals, Brandon, Howard, Mary, and Dan, talked with special guest astronaut Kjell Lindgren about vertigo, space flu, giraffes in space, bagpipes in space, expeditionary behavior in space, the real risks and drama of space… A lot of space! Go ahead and enjoy it in the transcript available now in the archives and over here:


    And Kjell said, “I’m a big fan of Writing Excuses, and so it is amazing to be a part of the conversation.”

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