13.37: What Writers Get Wrong, with J.Y. Yang

Your Hosts: Dan, Mary, Aliette, and Howard with special guest J.Y. Yang

J.Y. Yang is a Hugo-nominated short story writer from Singapore who identifies as non-binary. They joined us to talk about this non-binary identification, and how writers can do a better job of depicting it (beyond simply using non-gendered pronouns.)

Credits: This episode was recorded by Bert Grimm and mastered by Alex Jackson


Your homework: do some research! Read works by the nonbinary writers Rose Lemberg and A. Merc Rustad.

The Black Tides of Heaven, and The Red Threads of Fortune, by J.Y. Yang.
(Note: We didn’t mention the third book in the Tensorate series, but The Descent of Monsters is also available now)

One thought on “13.37: What Writers Get Wrong, with J.Y. Yang”

  1. Though I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while (and find it very helpful and enjoyable), I’ve never commented (I have a habit of lurking most places), but I had to here.

    Thank you so much J.Y. Yang for agreeing to speak on this topic, and the hosts of Writing Excuses for inviting them. As a non-binary person myself (gender-fluid), the inclusion means so much. So many people don’t even know we exist, and for those who do, many react similarly to earlier commenters, so it’s wonderful to have you use your platform to inform other writers.

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