13.b1: Bonus Episode — Elephants and Death, with Lawrence Schoen

Your Hosts: Howard and Dan, with special guest Lawrence Schoen

Lawrence Schoen, clinical psychologist, cognitive hypnotist, small press publisher, Klingon language expert, and novelist, joined us at GenCon Indy for a bonus episode about elephants and death.

Howard and Lawrence both write uplifted elephants into their stories, and their stories also feature death as a theme, so this is a closer fit than it may seem to be at first blush.

Liner Notes: This episode was recorded in 2016, and after falling through the cracks (thanks in no small part to being below the fold on a spreadsheet), was rescheduled to coincide with the release of Moons of Barsk, Lawrence’s second novel in the uplifted-elephant setting.

Credits: This episode was mastered by Alex Jackson, and was made possible by our Patreon supporters


Come up with a method for immortality, and then convince your protagonist not to use it.

Barsk: The Elephant’s Graveyard, by Lawrence Schoen, narrated by J.G. Hertzler

4 thoughts on “13.b1: Bonus Episode — Elephants and Death, with Lawrence Schoen”

  1. Well, I LOLed and am now completely on board with the idea of uplifted elephants. Death? Not so much. So, overall, a successful episode, methinks!

  2. At GenCon, Dan and Howard talked with Lawrence Schoen about uplifted elephants, death, and lots of other things (although they did not explain whether pigs have wings). Barsk: The Elephant’s Graveyard and Schlock Mercenary helped explain why anthropomorphic animals are particularly good for science fiction, and then they took a look at death, and what you might do if you knew it was the last thing you would ever do. So, read all about it in the transcript available in the archives and over here:


    Remember, you are out of excuses, so go write (before you die!)

  3. When my dad was dying and I knew that my visit to him was likely to by my last, I kept asking myself what was important and what I could leave unsaid.I got through all the important stuff. I was surprised how much I thought mattered and actually didn’t.

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