13.28: What Writers Get Wrong, with Wildstyle

At GenCon Indy 2017 we were joined by Wildstyle (@MrWildstyle on Twitter), who wears many hats, and many of the hats he wears are donned in service of producing hip-hop.

One of the most interesting revelations (especially for Howard, whose background in audio engineering predates MP3 technology by half a decade) was just how many hats there are. The role of producer in the hip-hop scene may include the roles of audio engineer, composer, and and even musician.

Liner Notes: For a deeper look at Wildstyle’s work, search Soundcloud for “Wildstyle DaProducer.” He’s been producing for a year since this episode was recorded.



Watch the James Brown bio-pic, Get On Up, starring Chadwick Boseman. Listen to some hip-hop music.

Eastern Conference,” by Pope Adrian Blessed, Ares, and Wildstyle (link will autoplay at Soundcloud. Lyrics are flagged as [explicit])

6 thoughts on “13.28: What Writers Get Wrong, with Wildstyle”

  1. This is the most incredibly niche episode ever. It’s so focused on hip-hop industry that it doesn’t even seem to really be about writing at all. There’s no real advice given to writers, just a long discussion of music industry.

    Very disappointing episode.

    1. Many of the “What Writers Get Wrong” episodes are going to have very little in the way of writing advice, and huge amounts of research advice. It’s not about outputting words, it’s about inputting the stuff you turn into words.

      The key pieces for me were that I didn’t know what certain words truly MEANT in the context of the hip-hop industry, and that in order to explore the relationships between people in the industry, we have to fully understand where their roles intersect.

  2. It’s funny, I thought the tone was set early, when Mary commented “Just like writers” and Wildstyle responded “I see lots of parallels.” And then there was quite a bit of discussion of the various roles, producer, engineer, artist…

    Let’s suppose, just for fun, that you had a chance to put together a team to develop novels. Imagine, if you will, that you are in charge of developing the Tom Swift Fifth Generation line of books… How would you organize the team? Don’t feel constrained by the current approaches, go ahead and let yourself go wild! Do you have a plotter/world-builder/story master (like a Dungeon Master?) who lays out the individual book world, plot, and story, along with a writer (or more than one?) who fills in the words on the page? That might very well match the producer/engineer and artist division that Wildstyle seems to be talking about, and actually would match the old Tom Swift book approach pretty well, if I understood correctly the way that line of books was developed. So… Watch out, you may be looking at the new indy model!

  3. Live at GenCon, the original foursome, Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard, talked with Wildstyle about what writers get wrong about hip-hop, producers, engineers, artists… How does hip-hop get composed and written? What are the roles, and how do they work together? Listen up, or read the transcript available in the archives and over here


    And see whether it sounds like a process you might be engaged in… Or want to write about, at least?

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    I’ve been subscribed since 2011 and I’ve never had this problem.

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