13.17: What Writers Get Wrong, with Jamahl Crouch

Your Hosts: Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard, with Jamahl Crouch

Jamahl Crouch (Illusmm1 on Instagram) joined us at the GenCon Indy Writers Symposium to talk about what writers get wrong about street art. Jamahl is many things, and one of those is “street artist.”

Jamahl Crouch, pen on sketchbook, GenCon Indy 2017

We discuss the differences between graffiti and street art, where things like commissioned murals fit into the scene, and how the societal pressures (read: “it’s not legal to paint on this wall”) affect the form.



Go watch The Get Down (available on Netflix)

Have a look at Jamal’s art on Instagram! Illusmm1

3 thoughts on “13.17: What Writers Get Wrong, with Jamahl Crouch”

  1. Timely episode! I was recently in London and spent a lot of time on Brick Lane. Which in turn inspired a story. While my character is not a street artist, the art of Brick Lane is a very important feature of the story.

    This added insight from this podcast will hopefully add some depth as I edit.

    Thanks so much for another wonderfully useful podcast!

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