13.14: Character Nuance

Your Hosts: Brandon, Mary, Amal, and Maurice

Let’s talk about characters who have conflict built right into them; characters whose attributes and attitudes might seem to contradict one another; characters who like, y’know… actual people.

(And let’s talk about how to write them.)


Play with The Sorting Hat Chats, and sort yourself. There’s no quiz. You’ll have to do some reading in order to figure out how you fit in.

Buffalo Soldier, by Maurice Broaddus

9 thoughts on “13.14: Character Nuance”

  1. No surprise, I’m a Gryffindor/Ravenclaw. I wonder how the Sorting Hat Chats line up with something like Myers-Briggs.

  2. Yay, an Amal & Maurice episode! Have been thoroughly enjoying all of this season, but definitely especially loving Amal & Maurice both as guest hosts. :)

  3. I found what Mauric said about the different hats he wears very interesting.

    I have written an Urban Fantasy in Poland and one of the characters is a woman who is of Polish descent but was born in Ireland. I have met many people here who have a similar story and very quickly realize that they actually don’t mesh well with the local culture.

    So, I just found that duality kind of interesting. You can have somebody be stridently for some political aim, but the character can change very quickly if that aim is met. It’s interesting.

  4. Straight from my kind of town, Chicago! The four gangsters, Brandon, Mary, Amal, and Maurice, bring us a lot of thinking about nuance. How do you make characters who contradict themselves both realistic and reasonable? Internal stories, external presentations, hats galore, beliefs, projections, even the imposter syndrome get chewed over in the ecosystem of the powerful Writing Excuses foursome! Go ahead, read all about it in the transcript, available now in the archives and over here


  5. Have a podcast related question.
    I’ve been trying to explain maid and butler dialog. It would be even better if I could provide a link to the episode that features it.
    There should be at least two episodes that mention maid and butler dialog in the archives. But searching keywords has not yielded any results.
    Any suggestions what season it might have been?

  6. Many of the books announced each week sound fascinating, and I usually say, I should read that. Maurice’s description of his book, Buffalo Soldier, *lit my brain on fire*! If I hadn’t been driving at the time, I would have hopped online immediately. Can’t wait to read it!

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