13.10: Handling a Large Cast

Your Hosts: Brandon, Mary, Amal, and Maurice

What are our favorite techniques for managing large casts of characters, and how do our processes differ from when we’re writing small casts? What does “large” and “small” mean for us?

Liner Notes: No, Howard was not in the room. Yes, despite his absence, he was wearing both trousers and pants while he ventured into the wilds to obtain Maurice’s character sheet.

Credits: This episode was recorded by  Andrew Twiss, and mastered by Alex Jackson, both of whom have more points in “perception” than most people have points.


Talking Heads! Write a scene between a married couple who has met at a coffee shop unexpectedly—neither of them are supposed to be there. Don’t use dialog tags.

Steal the Stars, by Mac Rogers, narrated as an audioplay with a full cast

13 thoughts on “13.10: Handling a Large Cast”

  1. Can we get Maurice’s character sheet? That sounds cool. By the way, he has my favorite voice out of anyone on this podcast.

  2. Awesome show. I heard mention of sharing Maurice’s character sheet he uses for quick reference for his characters and am really interested.

    Did you put the link for that up on the site? If so could we please get a link?

    1. Sounds like a job for emergency pants.

      The document I’m seeing at the Google Docs link has 2 pages — page 1 blank, page 2 with 4 boxes to fill in. Is this intentional, an error in the doc, or an error with something on my end?

  3. There was a sea of faces on the page… well, no, just two people in this story? The Chicago gang, Brandon, Mary, Amal, and Maurice, talked about nuts and bolts (well, spreadsheets, wikis, character sheets) this time, focusing on how many characters are there on stage, anyway? And which ones get names, and which ones just walk on, do their business, and disappear, nameless, faceless, almost a stage prop? Lots of good advice, whether you only have two characters, or 2400… So go read the transcript, now available in the archive or over here


  4. I loved this episode very much. Thank you for posting Maurice’s character sheet. I’m using it today for a UVU homework assignment. Thanks guys.

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