13.9: Quick Characterization

Your Hosts: Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard

How do you go about defining a character for your readers when you don’t have many words to devote to the project? What are the tricks for quickly establishing someone’s individuality within your story?

Credits: This episode was recorded by Dan Thompson, and mastered by Alex Jackson. 


Consider the silhouette test, and then create a list of words that will let you apply it to your characters.

Brimstone, by Cherie Priest

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  1. Slurping his tea, he listened to the podcast. How to quickly characterize side characters? In a couple of sentences, a paragraph, even a furtive flurry of action interrupted by… In this episode, the original fantastic foursome, Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard, turned their attention, and talk, to giving readers a quick insight into the little characters who populate the universe where the main characters stride around. Lots of tips and ideas! So read all about it, in the transcript, now available in the archives and over here:


    Peekaboo! I saw you juggling! Monty with the moustache, indeed…

  2. What a juicy podcast!
    I loved the Mary’s tip about the life of the secondary characters.
    And the silhouette test made me wonder about my characters :|
    Keep going!

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