12.52: Cross-Genres as Gateways

Your Hosts: Brandon, Piper, Howard, and Dan

What are the books which have drawn us from the bookshelf genres where you’re the most comfortable into bookshelves you haven’t read from? What can we learn about our own writing by reading these gateway books? How can we set about writing them ourselves?

Credits: this episode was recorded in Cosmere House Studios by Dan Dan the Audioman Thompson, and mastered at the intersection of Cowboys and the Great Lakes by Alex Jackson


Write a story where one of the characters thinks they’re in a different genre than the genre of the story itself.

The Diabolic, by SJ Kincaid

6 thoughts on “12.52: Cross-Genres as Gateways”

  1. Merry Xmas and Thankyou for all the content you do every single week without fail! It’s very rare to see any series do what you guys do!

    I know Brandon has the next 10 years of seasons planned but for the far far future it would be really cool to hear you guys talk more about specific worldbuilding topics like in the early seasons and revisit them like you’ve done with other topics, with retrospect and more commentary and wisdom. (Worldbuilding history, governments, religions, non-Human races, etc) I think there’s so much you guys could talk about that worldbuilding could even be a theme for an entire year!
    But just any episodes with in-depth worldbuilding do’s dont’s & how to… would be amazing to listen to.

  2. FWIW just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed the guest hosts this year. They’ve all added and made the podcast a lot of fun.

  3. Writing Excuses has been a gateway for me. I started listening as an extension of being a Shlock Mercenary fan, and I’ve picked up works by other hosts and guests hosts specifically because of listening to them here.

  4. This week, the Utah Quartet, Brandon, Piper, Dan, and Howard, took us out of one world into another! Through the gateways of cross-genre books, blends, hybrids, and out-of-this-genre explorations! As Aladdin sang, “A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view… a dazzling place I never knew…” Just across the genres! Transcript available now in the archives and over here


    Go ahead and try a little genre blending. That first taste…

  5. Merry Christmas, and thank you for another fun year of Writing Excuses! You’re such an important weekly staple for me, and your words of writing wisdom as well as weekly “company” are a treat I always look forward to. As for feedback, I enjoyed hearing the personal stories/viewpoints of Wesley and Maryanne and encourage the bringing in of a variety of fresh perspectives to shake things up/give different advice from our regular hosts, whom we know (and love) very well already. ;-) But in terms of guest hosts, I always enjoyed Piper and Victoria Schwab and would love to see them continue guest-hosting in the future.

  6. Feedback: I don’t understand why you’re not putting your “book of the week” on the liner notes anymore.

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