12.31: What Makes a Good Monster, with Courtney Alameda

Your Hosts: Howard, Mary, and Dan, with guest host Susan Chang

Courtney Alameda joined us at LTUE 2017 to talk monsters, and what makes the best ones so good. We discuss some of our favorites, and how the criteria we apply to them can be applied in the creation of monsters of our own.

Credits: this episode was recorded live at LTUE 2017 by Dan Dan the Audioman Thompson, and mastered by Alex Jackson


Create a uniquely American monster

Shutter, by Courtney Alameda

4 thoughts on “12.31: What Makes a Good Monster, with Courtney Alameda”

  1. Hey! Nice podcast. I was just wondering if any of you have looked into Kindle Scout recently. Is it sketchy or cool? I’m leaning towards ‘there’s a catch’ but I’m also fairly paranoid so that could just be my inner crazy person flaring up.

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful podcast. It has been very help as I’m working on a novel where a family of demons must protect demons and humans from monsters.

    I also started reading Shutter and am really enjoying it. Would it be possible to get Courtney back for a podcast on folklore?



  3. Turn down the lights, and let’s talk about monsters! Howard, Mary, Dan, and guest host Susan Chang welcomed Courtney Alameda to talk about what makes a really good monster, what makes you shiver and shake? The things that howl in the dark, or the cultured fellow with the ice-cold eyes? Well, yes. And if you’re ready to be terrified, the transcript is up in the archives and over here


    So, read it and may the best monster bite. CHOMP!

  4. the new monsters aren’t comment sections or angry white men, the monster is still the same thing it has always been YOU. you, your fears and insecurities are always your personal worst monsters. you are capable of creating your own heaven and also your own hell. your fears and insecurities turn comment sections and average white men into representations of them thus becoming your worst personal demons.

    actually, the even scarier monster is the one you can turn into the scariest thing is YOU slowly becoming the monster. this is what the 3 classical monsters (zombies, vampires, and werewolves) share if they get you, they turn you into them. this is also what makes the Borg so scary.
    this is also related to the fear of losing your mind but that’s another topic.

    my personal monsters are Amon from Avatar: the Legend of Korra, my personal desire for Equality could turn me into him. As a nihilist, the Joker is also terrifying. to me, Kylo Ren can hold a candle to these two guys because I can’t become him.

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