12.29: “Oh Crap, the Cops are Here!” with Joe McKinney

Your Hosts: Howard and Dan, with Steve Diamond, and special guest Joe McKinney

We invited Steve Diamond, who has been a guest before, and who has some law enforcement background, to help us grill Joe McKinney, who has tons of that background, and who also happens to be a best-selling author.

This Week’s Liner Notes are extensive. Follow the link for a Google Doc, or click here for our local mirror of Lyn Worthen’s notes.

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“Oh crap, the cops are here.”

The Savage Dead, by Joe McKinney

4 thoughts on “12.29: “Oh Crap, the Cops are Here!” with Joe McKinney”

  1. What a fine topic for the WE group. Thank you to the guests. My father in law is a retired police officer and gave me several ride-alongs before he retired. I absolutely recommend this idea if you want to learn more or write about cops. Anything you thought about being a cop was like may change after you take one of these. Thanks for the cast.

  2. Great podcast.

    What’s the name of the book(and author) about the compiled NYPD Beat Cop Patrol Logs? Was it Blue Blood?

  3. Dan and Howard, with Steve Diamond as special guest host, welcomed Joe McKinney to talk about how to get the police procedural element right! It’s not all CSI, and horror and police procedure may not be cheerful bedfellows, but… the four talk about how a good policeman becomes a bestselling author, where you can learn more about writing a police officer (read and ride along? Hey, it’s a plan?), and mixing up police procedure with horror. Go, read the transcript, now in the archives and over here…


    Just don’t jump when one of the clues bites you!

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