12.25: Hiring an Editor, with Callie Stoker

Your Hosts: Howard and Dan, with special guest Callie Stoker

Callie Stoker joined Howard and Dan at the World Horror convention to answer our questions about hiring an editor, which is part of the process by which self-published authors build the team of people who will make the manuscript far better than they can make it by themselves.


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Finish your story. Go back and remove 1000 words. Now go back AGAIN and remove ANOTHER 1000 words. Keep doing this until the story falls apart. Now edit it and ADD 1000 words.

Vicious, by V. E. Schwab, narrated by Noah Michael Levine

5 thoughts on “12.25: Hiring an Editor, with Callie Stoker”

  1. Just wanted to let the writing excuses crew know I love the podcast! Have been talking about giving fiction writing a serious go for years. The podcast has given me a kick in the pants, and I am starting the long journey of actually finishing something. Thanks for your inspiration and sound advice.

  2. This was a helpful podcast, thank you.

    This if off topic but Dan, I was wondering why the John Cleaver books aren’t avaliable to be purchased for the kindle? I was hoping to buy them all before going to New Zealand in a few days.

  3. And, coming at you from the World Horror Convention, Dan and Howard face off with Callie Stoker (“I’m the Doctor… Manuscript Doctor, that is.”) to talk about how to get the right editor for your writing. Content, copy, proof? What kind of help do you, and your writing, need? That’s the question, and the detailed trio talk about various aspects. The transcript is now available in the archives and over here:


    So go read all about it!

  4. I’ve also seen some books (like Kel Kade’s King’s Dark Tidings series) be self-published, have some success, and then go back and be edited after release.

    Just putting it out as an option, since not everyone has a thousand dollars lying (laying? darn, need an editor) around.

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