12.19: Structure on the Fly

Your Hosts: Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard

This episode is for you discovery writers, especially those of you for whom our current season of structure seems to be locking you down, or pointing up methods which you just don’t like to use. We talk about how these methods, these structural principles, these mechanical advantages in the mental toolbox can be applied during the discovery writing process.


Credits: this episode was recorded in Cosmere House Studios by Dan Dan the Audioman Thompson, and mastered on the north face of a dormant volcano by Alex Jackson



Write a story in an hour and a half without outlining it. Pick a character, an object, and a genre. The character has problem with the object. Use a timer, and use the yes-but/no-and method as you go.

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2 thoughts on “12.19: Structure on the Fly”

  1. When you can go anywhere with a story, how do you decide where to go? That’s the burning question that the original foursome, Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard, tackle this week, with yes-but, no-and as a key part of the answer. Also, micro-tropes, for those little itches. Open-and-close, moral compromises, and… keep writing! Go ahead, read all about it in the transcript, available now in the archives and over here:


    Then try adding a little structure on the fly, and see if you can hit home run with that!

  2. You uploaded this on my birthday, and I managed to put the “yes, but/no, and”-device to good use on the very same day. Thank you all. :-)

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