12.16: Writing Crime Fiction with Brian Keene

Brian Keene joined Dan and Howard at the World Horror Convention to talk about writing crime fiction, including how he goes about getting readers to feel the things he wants them to feel to drive the story forward.

Liner Notes: The Horror Show with Brian Keene


Experiment outside of your genre for 30 minutes of writing time each day for a week. Focus on the character. At the end of the week, take the character you’ve created and see if they can be fit into something else you’re working on.

The Complex, by Brian Keene

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  1. Hum… anti-heroes? Bad boys! Why do we like them? Well… Howard, Dan, and Brian Keene take a long hard look at crime fiction (no, it’s not illegal, it just feels that way). Entertaining, and uncomfortable, all at the same time! So… get out your leather jacket, or maybe you’d prefer a long coat and shades? And get ready to rumble, because crime fiction can be fun, too! Read the transcript, in the archives or over here


    Then put your pedal to the metal, say “I am AUTHOR” and ROAR!

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